The starting point of Mo-House

In summer of 1997, the inspiration of the CEO and founder of Mo-House
ame from experiencing a difficult episode when she was breastfeeding
her child on a train.

At this time Mo-House has 45 staff, most of which are mothers with
children ranging from infants to teenagers. In fact half of the staff
choose to work with their children in the workplace.

The reason why Ms. Mitsuhata began Mo-House nursing wear is that she
felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. “Child rearing” should be
natural, but unfortunately it is often accompanied by difficulties,
inconveniences, worries, and stifled feelings. Why is that??
This might be a common question among mothers who are raising children.

Our aim

We would like women to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle even during their
pregnancy and child rearing. Our nursing wear carries the message “go
out with your baby even during breastfeeding.”

Mo-House Activity

1. Development and provision of innovative and high-quality products

2. Planning and management of events, in order to create a network of
women raising children and gain community support

3. Management with a focus on child-rearing women= Information
dissemination of “Work with a child” work style.

Mo-House Nursing clothes

With Mo-House nursing clothes mothers can nurse easily and without
exposing their breast or skin. We have developed a rich selection of
styles and types to fit every season and every need.

Now, synonymous with nursing bra “Mo-House Bra” has received the
recommendation and certification of the Japan Midwives Association.
Your baby no longer has to wait while you struggle with bras, pads,
and clothing. Mo-House bras and clothes are designed to work together
so you can feed your baby quickly and effortlessly.

10 principles of Mo-House

1. Design nursing clothes that allow mothers to quickly feed their babies

2. Choose materials that are washable and gentle on the skin

3. Contemplate design to accoommodate physical changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding period

4. Use the utmost quality materials, best process for easier breastfeeding

5. Conduct strict testing and inspections

6. Develop fashionable and functionable clothes

7. Design nursing clothes that retain their shape while breastfeeding

8. Always produce nursing clothes from a nursing mother’s point of view

9. Avoid placing hooks or zippers near nursing openings

10. Allow mother’s to watch their babies’faces while breastfeeding


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