Retaining the goodness of Mo-House bra, the Shanto is good for expectant mothers, new moms, and mother’s-mother as well! It fits the delicate body of any woman comfortably. It is even approved by breast cancer patients and their  doctors.

wishing person
When it is time to wean the baby, standard and underwire bras can be uncomfortable and tight. We recommend the wish bra for comfort and support.

Joint research with research institutes!
Developed in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute. Mo-House bra Quality: we have pursued functionality, and design characteristics of the material as a bra for women of all ages

Washing: Machine washable

Breast Size
M 7987
L 8694

Material: Cupra 65%, nylon 25% Polyurethane 10%

Design: bra for nursing

Made in Japan

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